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online-bookkeeping-servicesIf you are in the process of starting a bookkeeping business, you might consider working at home. Many bookkeepers want to work from home at some stage. Some people set their business up in the beginning to only service clients off site, not at the client premises.

There is a market for this type of service in Australia with many small and micro businesses having small offices or home offices.

You may decide to provide this service as the clients go along, or your whole focus might be this market, in any case you will certainly have to ensure you have the proper systems set up so you can service you customer just as effectively as if you were in their office.

There are many methods to work off website with ease of record and information file transportation. The main points to think about when working off site are;.

The integrity of client data.

You wish to ensure your system is in place so that you do not end up with several data files or that someone else does refrain data entry if you have a copy of the information file.

The security of client source documentation.

You will certainly have to ensure the customer source records are always secure. This might imply you will gather the paper work from the client, or they may drop it off to you. You can investigate a courier service or the costs of registered mail. The priority is to make sure the client records are kept securely however your management costs are decreased.

bookkeeping pictureElectronic transfer.
Some clients could have their records set up online. I know of some clients who scan all their paperwork and keep electronic files. It is possible to get all details online without having any notepads leave the customers properties. This is not constantly useful for many clients, but depending on the customer and their company, it might be ideal.

Added costs.
Working from your website, not the client could fit you, but if there are any additional costs for you to work at house you will have to factor it into your charge out rate. For example, you could need to see the client for a conference and to gather paper work, then take it back to your office, do the work and take the paper work back to the customer. The added time required to go to clients twice needs to be factored into your rates. Like sensible, if you spend for messengers or signed up post, make certain you consist of these expenses.

Unless your scenario avoids you from going to a customer website to work, you could find it is much easier to get the customers, work for them for a while and afterwards take a look at whether it is feasible to do their work from house. Most clients work can be done off site, however occasionally it comes down to the relationship you have built up with the client and the trust you have with that person. Customers who would rule out an off site service might be pleased for you to do their books off site after a few months.

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