Top Tips On Student Accommodation

Accommodation is a major problem that affects the student’s life. Getting the right accommodation is a big decision, and it does involve lots of aspects you need to consider.

Student accommodation tips

Start the search

You should not wait until it is very late. After getting your admission letter, you should start finding the right accommodation for you and terms and conditions attached. Find out the areas that are worth living and if you can get a list of student accommodation providers near the university. If you start early, you are bound to have some choices. However, if you leave until very late, you will have limited options. However, if you start late, your options will be limited.

Do your math

You need to determine the cost and whether you can afford it. First, you should know how much a room costs in halls of residence and get the whole cost per academic year. However, if you want to stay off-campus flats, you should take extras such as electricity and gas into account.

Understand the contract

You should read contracts thoroughly and ensure you understand all the terms included therein. This is necessary if you want to rent a flat or private student accommodation, and you will be dealing with caretaker or agency, or landlord. Are you provided with deposit protection scheme?

Security and Safety

These are things, which are a matter of death and life. Any place you live, you need to know where emergency exits are located. For instance, in the event of a fire, it would be too late to look for the exit. You also need to pay attention to the local advice on gas and electrical safety.


Your choice of facilities is very important as it affects your stay. Some of the things you need to consider include:

Internet connectivity On-site maintenance Laundry Cable or Satellite TV CCTV En-suite Onsite security Transport links Accommodation for disabled students

Take responsibility

After renting a room, you will have to sign a contract. This means that you are accepting the conditions, and you will be acting in a certain manner. The contract becomes legally binding and must adhere to the both parties.…